Studying fashion at Fresno State

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A career in fashion is possible right here in Fresno. This weekend, students at Fresno State are holding a fashion show with some of their own designs.

Studying fashion may not be what most people think of when it comes to Fresno State but some students are making their fashion career dreams a reality.

Danika Brunbeloe, Fashion Merchandising major, said, "We have a surprisingly strong program here. A lot of people think because it's small that we don't have a lot of connections but we have so many connections to the industry in Fresno and outside. We have students that get jobs with Seventeen magazine or with the local retailers."

Brandon Yang, also a Fashion Merchandising major, said, "It was hard to look for fashion here in Fresno, at Fresno State. Especially because Fresno -- when you hear fashion you think -- in Fresno? Oh, I don't know."

Roughly 80 students are getting a degree in Fashion Merchandising from Fresno State. Many of them say a $40,000 a year tuition at a private fashion-focused university wasn't an option, but are finding a pathway to their fashion careers here at Fresno State.

Yang said, "There are a lot of students, passionate students, who want to pursue something within the fashion industry whether it be designing, marketing or fashion designing, too."

While there's no Design major yet, students here are hopeful that eventually there will be. This weekend, fashion merchandising students are hosting a fashion show. More than 50 student models will be showing off designs from eight students, including Brandon Yang.

Yang said, "I wanted to go with the ideal theme of almost a modern, late 1920s, early 30s inspiration within my collection."

Brumbeloe said, "This show is really all about our students and giving them a chance to show their creative side, which we don't necessarily get to show in the classes. Also, the hands-on application of what we're doing in class."

The student fashion show will be this Saturday from 6-8pm at the Satellite Student Union. Admission is free for students and $5 for general public.

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