Made in the Valley: Monster City Studios

FRESNO, California (KFSN) -- The Fresno company that brings backgrounds to life -- Hollywood style. Here's a look behind the scenes of Monster City Studios.

If you can dream it, the skilled employees at Monster City Studios can build it. The company makes themed background and designs and were featured on our Made in the Valley series nearly four years ago.

"We're much larger in a national scope. We do a lot of top secret projects for movie studios for amusement parks, a lot of stuff that we can't talk about, we want to but we can't," said James Powell, Monster City Studios.

Around their shop you'll see the scope of their work. Some recent highlights include a princess castle that went to Pennsylvania and more.

"We built the worlds largest man cave. It's completely Indian Jones theme. It's absolutely amazing. We did that. We've built a number of things for amusement parks. We did a lot of work for Sea World," said Powell.

Besides the projects they do for Hollywood and companies across the country, they have some pet projects too, like a 20 foot pirate ship made of Styrofoam and wood from their Fresno facility.

Employees do many of the intricate work by hand to bring it to life. Powell says their work is also being featured on screen.

"We've done some television and movie work and I really enjoy that. As a matter of fact, a couple of us just filmed part of a series that's going on a national cable channel. So that's cool," said Powell.

As for the future, he says with their art, the sky is the limit. "We are all constantly wanting to create new things"

The company is also working on a facade for Playland.


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