Paul McCartney's biggest fans ready for Fresno concert

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Music fans have been counting down the hours until they can watch Paul McCartney rock the Save Mart Center Wednesday night. We found two of the biggest McCartney fans you will ever see right here in the valley.

65-year-old Sue Weisenahus danced alongside Paul onstage in Vienna, Austria on July 22, 2013 - at 5:07pm she remembered. The Hanford woman also shared a hug with McCartney that day.

Weisenhaus recalled, "It was the ultimate because I got to have that face to face. Look him in the eye. Share from my heart and I got to feel his heart back and I got to kiss him."

Weisenhaus has seen Paul McCartney 73 times in concert so it was only natural Paul finally comes to Fresno so Sue doesn't have to travel.

Sue figured, "He came to Fresno just for me I think. Yeah, I put on quite a few miles. I think it was his turn to come to my house."

Various signs have made it easy to find Weisenhaus at concerts. Many of Sue's friends were coming to Fresno. They're all part of Paul's "Fans on the Run." Sue said McCartney even acknowledged them during the Candlestick Park farewell concert.

1965 marked the first time Sue saw The Beatles. The then 15-year-old actually ran away from home - for a day.

Weisenhaus explained, "My mom wouldn't let me go to the Hollywood Bowl so I lied to her. I said I was babysitting and I got on an Amtrak train at the station in Hanford."

The Fresno home of Arthur Jacquez resembled the Hard Rock Cafe with all of The Beatles memorabilia he has amassed. Albums, autographs, artwork he has done of the Beatles and even John Lennon artwork was on display.

Jacquez has always enjoyed, "The originality, the individuality. They've been around the sixties but even to today they're always being reinvented."

Arthur has been collecting since he was a teenager so he's thrilled Paul is coming to Fresno.

Jacquez said, "This will be probably the one and only time I get to see any of The Beatles in any way shape or form and I thought it I don't go now, I'm never gonna go."

Both Arthur Jacquez and Sue Weisenhaus will be in the VIP section at the Paul McCartney concert.

Weisenhaus will catch the McCartney concert in Fresno and then follow him to Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. She said she's broke and has to "rob Peter to pay Paul."
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