Fig & Lily Garden has incorporated heated igloos to serve clients this Winter

MORRISTOWN, New Jersey -- The global pandemic has forced local businesses like Fig & Lily Garden in Morristown, New Jersey to improvise in order to stay in business.

The restaurant, which specializes in contemporary Mediterranean food, has incorporated heated plastic igloos, which have allowed them to continue serving their clients in a safe and socially distanced environment.

"This was something new for us to figure out. Bringing business in the COVID situation was something we did not know what to do and we started to think what we needed to do," said Ramazan Taylan, owner of Fig & Lily Garden.

The challenges of the pandemic, which caught the restaurant by surprise, forced Taylan and his team to find innovative solutions to continue to serve clients their signature dishes and authentic recipes.

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The igloos, which have two windows and a door, are kept opened to allow ventilation to flow within the igloos.

"We want to keep our business, but we also want to make sure we can guarantee the safety of our clients," said Taylan.

Taylan takes great pride in the service provided at Fig & Lily Garden and hopes that residents can come out safely to enjoy their cuisine while supporting local businesses.

"We will get through this together and we will survive it all together," said Taylan


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