Some using services to help save money by getting rid of unwanted subscriptions

You can hire a service to do just about anything these days. Everything from cutting your lawn, to picking up your dry cleaning. There are also services that promise to help you negotiate lower bills or cancel unwanted subscriptions. But is it worth getting a personal financial assistant?

"Most of the things I sign up for, ya know, I forget about, as my wife can tell you. So, ya know, I'm kind of the poster child for these sorts of services," said Charles Stewart, Uses Subscription Canceling Service.

As a busy executive of an internet company, Stewart admits he can't remember a lot of the subscriptions he signs up for. So he signed up for a service that identified the subscriptions for him.

"There was easily a dozen, in fact, I would probably say there were probably 15 different subscriptions."

Some he even had duplicates of-- so Stewart uses Trim. A similar service is called Truebill.

"You connect your bank account or you connect your credit card to these accounts and they're going to go through them for you and they'll make a list of what your current subscriptions are. 'Do you want us to cancel any," said Tiffany Aliche, The Budgetnista.

Aliche helps people save money for a living. She said using the free services to scour your accounts can't hurt. Stewart saved big time.

"I would say, over the course of a year, I would have spent $1,400 to $1,600, um, if I hadn't started using Trim."

There are other services like Bill Cutterz, Bill Shark, and Bill Fixers that will actually try to negotiate a lower price for you on things like cable, internet, or phone bills.

"So, if they don't save you any money, the good news is you don't have to spend any money. And, if they do save you money, typically you have to share in that savings with them," said Aliche.

Usually somewhere between 40 to 50-percent of the savings goes to the negotiating service for a period of time.

Experts said you should always to try to negotiate yourself first. But if you strike out, you will likely have to pay a fee to save money.

"Think about it this way. You can either save nothing or you can save half of someone saving you something," said Aliche.

It's critical to check security policies to make sure your banking information is secure, and be clear on any fee structures.

Stewart's service is free.

"I wish that, probably the service had, ya know, existed a couple of years ago. I could have saved, many more thousands of dollars."

Experts said if you use a service to lower your bills you should always ask how much of the savings will be going to the service and for how long?
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