New Asian restaurant adding flavor to River Park Shopping Center

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- New restaurant J POT is serving up a first for Fresno.

"It is basically cooked in broth, so everything is quite healthy, it is a really hearty type of Asian cuisine," said Jason Lin, area manager.

It's similar to soup, but Lin said it is much more. It is a Taiwanese style hot pot that is delivered to customers tables and boiled on a burner, right before their eyes.

"It is going to keep everything burning and cooking even more and that brings the flavors together," he said.

Each pot can serve up to two people depending on your appetite. Ingredients are already cooked and they offer 12 different varieties. Two of their options are considered dry pots, they do not have broth and are similar to a stir fry.

"For instance, we have Tokyo, which is like miso and Japanese version and then we have the Seoul, which is the Korean version and has kimchi," he said. "Those are a couple of different options."

J POT is located across from Edwards Theater where the former World Sports Cafe used to be. Lin said he is excited about the opening, but also a little nervous since it is something different from anything else in the city.

Before the only place, you could find this style of dining was in big cities like LA and San Francisco.

"If it goes as planned, it will be really, really rewarding and exciting for us, bringing something new and different to the area," he said.

They also have a bar serving alcohol and another serving tea and Boba. They use local fruits and tea leaves imported from Taiwan. J POT will hold its soft opening this Thursday starting at 11. Their grand opening is April 17.
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