Four arrested in string of liquor store robberies across Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. -- Two adults and two juveniles are facing robbery charges after investigators say they successfully pulled off three robberies in a week of each other.

The Palm Bluffs Liquor store was the first to be hit back on Jan. 26.

According to investigators, just before 10:30 p.m. two males entered the store wearing masks, armed and demanded money.

"Two individuals entered that store armed with handguns and demanded money from both clerks inside and held them at gunpoint while they took money from the register somewhere in the amounts of $2500," said Sgt. Brian Valles.

After removing the cash, the two suspects fled the scene on foot without a trace.

About a week later officers were called to another robbery, this time at the 7-11 near Palm and Bullard.

While there they received information a nearby 7-11 had just been robbed and the suspect description matched.

"They were all similar takeover-style robberies where they have the clerks go to a certain section and put them down on their knees while the other ones rifled through drawers or cash registers and took what they wanted from the store," Sgt. Valles said.

After reviewing security footage and talking to witnesses, detectives arrested two adults Jaheem Starks and Michelle Sanchez both of Fresno on multiple robbery charges -- as well as a 16-year-old male and 15-year-old male.

The weapons used were also determined to be replica firearms that the suspects painted to look real.

"They actually had gone to the extent to paint the one that simulated an AK-47 black so you couldn't determine if it was a replica or not. No orange tip and everything that would make you think it was a replica or airsoft was painted black," Valles said.

The two adults were booked into the Fresno County Jail while the two teenagers were booked into the Fresno County Juvenile Hall.