Dine and Dish: AC Deli in Northeast Fresno

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Friday, December 2, 2022
Dine and Dish: AC Deli in Northeast Fresno
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The crowds can't get enough of AC Deli.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The crowds can't get enough of AC Deli on Shaw Avenue near 8th Street in Northeast Fresno.

It's the kind of Lao cuisine owners Sally and Danny Sanouvong grew up eating.

"Lao food is similar to Thai food. Lao food is more of a kind of southern taste to it," Danny explained.

AC Deli is the home of fried chicken and sticky rice. Diners looking for something new always come back.

"They didn't even know what Lao food is until we introduced a lot of people to Lao food and they're like, 'oh my gosh,'" said Sally.

Spice plays a big part of Lao dishes.

Papaya salad is a staple. You start with shredded green papaya.

"We add sugar, tomato, lime juice, fish sauce and a little chili," Sally said.

Danny noticed many young adults like to drop by to enjoy the traditional favorites.

"They don't have time to cook because they have to work, so they just grab and go. They say 'thank you,' because I don't have to go to my parents to eat this kind of food. Hahaha," said Danny.

The general public has also now caught on. Laap is a minced meat salad made with pork or chicken.

"Every party has to have this one. You've gotta have laap because that's what we believe brings good luck," explained Sally.

Thai iced tea and the coconut and taro boba smoothies can help you cool off.

Sticky rice can also be prepared as a dessert with mango or corn.

"This one has the sticky rice dough with the caramelized coconut," Sally said.

From the egg rolls to the pork strips, everything at AC Deli is saap laai, which is the Lao word for delicious.