Fresno Pacific University celebrates 75th anniversary

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- "I came here, I was kind of skeptical," Samantha Witt is one of over 4,000 students to call Fresno Pacific University home.

"I came out here on a recruit trip and I just fell in love with the campus," she said.

Now a senior majoring in intercultural studies, Samantha says she can't imagine spending the last 3 years anywhere else.

"There's been a lot of people here that have really supported me a lot of professors and coaches that have helped me get through those rough times," she said.

in 75 years, Fresno Pacific boasts 24,000 alumni and has five growing schools for business, education, humanities, natural sciences, and biblical seminary.

Now the university is working toward a new goal.

"The university has become a lot more engaged in the community," said University President Dr. Joseph Jones.

It's helping their students to embrace their own backyard.

"Education goes beyond being here on campus the community are educators also, so how do we expose our students to the community," Jones said.

As for Samantha? She says thanks to Fresno Pacific. She feels ready to step out on her own.

"Those times you think your world is ending really just made you so much stronger so I'm sitting here, senior year, and I know this place, it's home," she said.
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