Workout Wednesday: Incorporating Balance Exercises into Your Workout

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- When it comes to a workout, it takes more than just performing the exercise.

Local fitness expert Rhonda Murphy shows us how having balance makes a difference in your Workout Wednesday.

Balance movement not only increases your stability for balance, but it also gives you better core strength.

Rhonda says you want to concentrate on keeping your abdominal muscles tight and your body frame steady.

In the first exercise, do a single punch, then bring your arm back and take it into a tricep kick. Take it slow and have full range of motion.

Another stability exercise is a biceps curl, followed by a shoulder press to the sky. This is more difficult and takes practice.

As you get stronger, try to do more reps and more sets. It is not as important to add heavier weight. By using one weight, it will throw the body off-kilter, and the abdominals have to engage. The back will have to flex and engage to help balance the body.

You can always make an exercise a little bit more difficult by doing it balancing on one leg. You do not have to lift your leg high; just have it hover off the ground just a bit.

As we age, we do not realize how we slowly lose our ability to maintain balance. Try to do something every day to stabilize your balance.
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