Fresno Unified releases video of altercation between newly-elected board member and student

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Fresno Unified School District has released video of an altercation between newly-elected board member, Maj. Terry Slatic and a student at Bullard High School on Friday.

The surveillance video shows the student waiting for an after school meal to be served at the school snack bar, when Slatic and his assistant, former board member Michelle Asadoorian walk by.

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The student, who's face is blurred, apparently said something. Slatic reacts, appearing to yell back then walks about 20 feet to grab the student. They scuffle and the student runs away.

Fresno Unified Superintendent Bob Nelson decided to make the video public.

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The Fresno Unified School District has released video of an altercation between newly elected board member, Maj. Terry Slatic and a student at Bullard High School.

"I think that video speaks for itself, I encourage folks to watch that video, so that they can draw their own conclusions from what they see, right there," Nelson said.

There is no audio, so it's not known what was said that led to the altercation. Nelson said the school board member is an elected official, not a district employee and does not have any authority over staff or students at a school site. He said grabbing a student is not how employees are supposed to respond.

"As trained staff you need to be prepared for kids to respond to you in ways you might not find optimal and so keeping your cool is a really important factor," Nelson said.

A relative of the students tells Action News the student didn't say anything offensive, and that Slatic's actions were inappropriate.

The family is investigating legal action. Legal analyst Tony Capozzi believes they might have a case.

"But he goes right to the juvenile and grabs him, technically that could be an assault, that could be a battery. That's something that could be referred to the District Attorneys office for prosecution, I don't know whether the District Attorney's office would pursue that," Capozzi said.

The boys family met with an attorney late on Wednesday.

Fresno Police have filed a report and submitted it to the District Attorney. Whatever the legal outcome, Nelson says the boy's family has reason to be upset.

"As a parent, that's disturbing to me. If that were my child, I would find that inappropriate to be handled in that manner," he said.

School Board President Claudia Cazares said she would call police if that happened to her child.

Outside of legal action, Nelson says it is up to the school board and voters to decide if any action should be taken against Slatic.

Slatic was just sworn in as a board member 35 days ago. He is a retired Marine Major.
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