Valley Focus:Girl Scouts Have New Cookie Buyout Program

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Cookies for a good cause! The Girl Scouts in the Central Valley are connecting the community with their sweet treats.
You can buy a box for $5 or buy out an entire cookie allotment. Jody Hudson is the Development Director with Girl Scouts of Central California South.

"That $5 goes such a long way, and the girls learn so many great skills that will help them when they become, you know, future leaders in our community," Hudson said.

They learn about goal-setting, decision-making, money-management skills, PR, communications, and business ethics.

Hudson and Tom Ferdinandi, the Chief Operations Officer of Milano Restaurants, joined Valley Focus host Liz Harrison in the ABC30 studios to talk about the new Cookie Buyout Program.

"It's a great, great way for us to carry on a tradition we've had for, gosh, since the mid-'90s when we were supporting The Girl Scout Cookie Classic," Ferdinandi said. "As you know, we've been investing in our Valley, especially the youth, for many years. When Jody approached us with this idea, it was just an easy fit, and, like Jody said, what great skill sets they're learning. And through this whole cookie buy-out program, it's a way for us to continue our appreciation for so many loyal customers we have had over the years."

Hudson says the girls are learning entrepreneurship skills.

"The cookie program affords them the ability to learn all those great girl experiences," Hudson said. "So there's STEM programs. There's still the outdoor camping. There are philanthropic activities, giving back to the local community. So there are so many wonderful things that the girls are doing from the proceeds from these cookies," Hudson said.

Cookies are on sale through March 15. Call (559) 470-6720.
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