Good Sports: Fig Garden Masters swim team gives meals to healthcare heroes

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The pandemic has halted weekly practices for a Fresno team, but the athletes are using that extra time to give back to frontline healthcare workers.

Carol Houk is a retired nurse who spent 22 of her 40 years in the field working in the ER at Community Regional Medical Center.

"It's really difficult to find ways to support the staff emotionally, and one way is through food," she says. "The ER itself is very chaotic, busy, challenging and demanding. Once the pandemic hit, it really raised the volume of the stress and what is demanded of all staff."

Carol is also a member of the Fig Garden Masters Swim team which is a group of adults who swim for exercise, competition and camaraderie.

"We've been swimming together for well over ten years, we're all foodies, we love to cook, we love to get together and drink wine and eat good food. We haven't been swimming together as a group because of COVID, so we thought why not make some lunches and bring them here to those people who are working so hard to keep us healthy?"

The team has adopted the name 'Swimmers Serving Saints', making and serving lunch last Saturday for the healthcare workers at CRMC.

An idea that was born in the pool with the mission to feed every ER in town.

Next month, the team plans on bringing meals to St. Agnes Medical Center. If you'd like to make a donation you can visit the team's GoFundMe page.

It's a selfless act from one team to another.
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