Good Sports: Kings Christian looks to leave a legacy

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Saturday, January 27, 2024
Good Sports: Kings Christian looks to leave a legacy
The Kings Christian boys basketball program is the hottest team in Lemoore.

LEMOORE, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Kings Christian boys basketball program is the hottest team in Lemoore.

With a 21-2 record, that includes a 19-game winning streak, the Crusaders are on pace to have their best season in school history.

"We've never really talked about our streak we never had that conversation we just talked about the game in front of us," Crusaders head coach Kevin Dalafu said.

"Out there having fun playing our game," Crusaders junior point guard Elias Miro said.

"Started to find our identity as a team," Crusaders junior point forward Rusty Martin said.

"People see our record and they want to beat us so we just have to be mentally strong and play our game and not let that affect us," Crusaders senior shooting guard Ronnie Roche said.

Just eight years ago, the program failed to win a single game... going 0-19 in 2016.

But over the last three years, coach Dalafu says the tide started to change.

"You know it was one of those things that was brewing. Christmas of last year we kind of had a heart to heart," Dalafu said.

A coming together moment for the Crusaders that helped them finish the season on a 12-2 run.

En route to an East Sierra League title.

All the motivation they needed to get right back to work in the offseason.

"Weightlifting, we did a summer program and so the dedication of the kids," Dalafu said.

"Really just the offseason that's kind of where we separated ourselves," Roche said.

"Playing summer league games too so getting some court experience," Martin said.

That dedication and experience has paid dividends.

Leading younger players like Miro to want an East Sierra repeat for their leading scorer.

"He's a senior this year so definitely getting him another league chip," Miro said.

For others, it's about honoring decades of players that came before them.

"Show how far we've come as a team and from all the other guys before us and then to now," Martin said.

Outside of league championships, Kings Christian has turned its attention to earning its first ever Central Section title.

"I know we've played in Selland arena but we really haven't been able to hang that big banner up," Dalafu said.

A possible crusade that seems more timely than ever.

"I think this season is the season to do it," Roche said.

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