Good Sports: Fresno tennis player donates racquets

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Saturday, April 1, 2023
Good Sports: Fresno tennis player donates racquets
Finding the best equipment for student athletes can be an uphill climb.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Finding the best equipment for student athletes can be an uphill climb.

13-year-old Paisley Tymn has had a racquet in her hand since she could walk.

"I'm a bit nervous at first, but then I'm very excited," said Paisley.

The Fresno native grew up learning the game at Fig Garden Swim and Racquet Club with her parents, Matt and Amanda.

"She's an incredible tennis player so it's been so fun to watch her develop the sport and have a true passion for it," said Amanda.

That passion has led Paisley to play as a student for St. Anthony's School in Fresno.

"It's a lifelong sport, which is why we encouraged it from a young age for her. You'll see people out at our club playing into their 90s, Amanda explained.

Paisley loves the individual aspect of the sport.

"You focus on playing against yourself," said Paisley.

But this upcoming tennis season, she's focused on more than just herself.

"I thought of a way that i could help others in small ways that could turn into something big," said Paisley.

At school competitions, Paisley started to notice a disparity when it came to equipment.

"Some kids were playing with racquets that my little brothers could be playing with," Paisley explained. "I thought it wasn't quite far to be playing the same age but not having the same chance."

To help give others that chance, Paisley created her own organization called Level the Court.

A group that's working to collect new and used racquets to be given to student athletes of all ages.

"Just from people who go here and family friends, even myself and my family," said Paisley.

Thanks to family and friends, Paisley has already received a dozen racquets.

All destined to find new homes across Fresno Unified School District.

"I was so happy to see that all these things that we talk about at school and at home have hit home without us having to prompt her," said Amanda.

With the help of mom and dad, Paisley is putting together a social media presence with her very own website to get the word out.

"To think of something like this and push her parents along the way to make sure she could accomplish something that so important i just couldn't be more proud," Amanda said.

If you don't have any racquets laying around, the Tymns are taking donations to go out and buy more and refurbish ones that need some fixing up.

"Hopefully that will inspire other kids to join seeing that people around the community are supporting their interest," Amanda said.

As she tries to level the court, she's also looking to expand.

She is hopeful to make the game she loves accessible to the Central Valley and beyond.

"That would be really great because it would be going to more schools and not just Fresno. I think that would be really fun," Paisley said.

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