Vandals target Granite Park leaving $3,500 in damages in East Central Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Vandals targeted a popular children's sports complex in central Fresno.

Earlier this week, developer Terrance Frazier arrived at Granite Park shocked to find a large section of fencing torn down and tire tracks throughout the grass -- totaling more than $3,500 in damages.

"It was discouraging heartbreaking knowing all the work we put into this park and to see someone destroy it. It was not a good feeling," Fraizer said.

The fence and field have since been repaired, but it wasn't just the financial hit the non-profit is taking that Frazier is upset about.

He had to lay off one of their employees.

The baseball complex near Cedar and Ashlan reopened two years ago, prior to that it sat vacant and boarded up for 8 years.

Right now the Central Valley Community Sports Foundation is looking for park volunteers and sponsors to help with making enhancements in security.
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