Workout Wednesday: Ways to improve your balance that will benefit your long-term health

Strength and balance are two important parts of physical fitness and are especially important for our long-term health.

Our local fitness expert Rhonda Murphy talks about some ways to exercise at home.

Rhonda says everyday tasks can be very hard when we don't have balance.

She says working on your balance is very important.

Rhonda says to start with lifting your legs higher than you normally used to. Balancing your weight on one side will help you get stronger.

If you don't feel safe, hold onto a stable surface.

As you master that motion, work on your side to side motion.

You should always feel safe as you take it to the next level.

When the exercise becomes easy, work on stepping over an object and back.

The last exercise involves stepping backward.

Be slow, safe and confident. You cannot get your confidence while lying on the couch.
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