Workout Wednesday: The importance of strengthening your wrists when it comes to lifting weights

When it comes to lifting weights, whether it's doing curls or deadlifts, you have to know how to hold them.

Local fitness expert Rhonda Murphy explains why it's all in the wrist.

When you're working the upper body Rhonda says we tend to think about the major muscle that we're working.

She says it's important to keep your form with the smaller joints that are helping hold the weight up. The wrist is one of the joints that gets overlooked.

Rhonda says when you are doing bicep curls we tend to let that wrist relax and bend, actually you want to keep the wrist firm so you could load the most of your trying to work the bicep.

She says the other motion that tends to be incorrect is the triceps kick.

Rhonda says if you do not keep the wrist straight you won't get the maximum workout in triceps. She says go-slow and concentrate on all the joints that are being used in the motion. Work on good form.
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