Workout Wednesday: When should you eat when you work out?

When is the best time you should eat when you workout?

Local fitness expert Rhonda Murphy gives us some nutritional tips on when it's the right time for Workout Wednesday.

Exercising daily is important to stay healthy and eating healthy is just as important.

The best time to eat is about 45 minutes to an hour after you finish your routine.

In bodybuilding, they call it the window of opportunity. You want to eat a high-quality protein so your body will absorb all the goodness. Your first meal should be loaded with protein and fiber to get the body started.

When you exercise, you are burning calories, and it is important to put good calories back in the body. If you are trying to lose body fat, you want to maintain a high nutrient lower in fat but also a fiber-rich diet.

You can't out-train a poor diet if you look at just what you drink. Are you drinking at least 4 to 5 glasses of water, or are you drinking sugar-rich drinks or even chemical loaded energy drinks?

The body has to work so hard to keep all its systems working like your heartbeat, breathing, digestion, and brain function, just to mention a few.

The better you eat, the healthier you will feel. Be sure to stay hydrated and eat foods with quality protein after each workout. The protein will help rebuild your muscles.
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