Health Watch: New medicine can help restore your hearing

Ninety-two-year-old Lois Kander's story is stocked with love and laughter.

"I always did get up in the morning, take a shower, do my hair, and laugh at myself, but I'm having fun doing it," Kander said.

But it hasn't been fun not being able to share in conversations. Like millions of others, Kander is experiencing age-related hearing loss.

"People are telling you things and they think you're listening, and in a way you are listening, but you can't hear everything that they're saying and you get disgusted," Kander said.

But that could soon change. Dr. Robert Frisina has found that combining the hormone Aldosterone with anti-inflammatory medication can slow hearing loss.

"In a sense, we're making the ear younger because we're giving this critical hormone," Dr. Frisina said.

"I could go give you a list of all the people that I know that I have to pat 'em on their shoulder when I'm calling out their name because they didn't hear," Kander said.

Meantime, Kander loves to dress to impress. She's a self- described fashionista.

She's a woman with style for days and a savvy scientist whose work may someday sharpen the senses.
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