Hidden camera found in restroom of Hanford Target store

HANFORD, Calif. (KFSN) -- Hanford shoppers are concerned after a hidden camera was discovered concealed in a Target restroom. Hanford police say the camera didn't record anything but it did stream live video.

It's been two days since a hidden camera was discovered in a restroom of a Target in Hanford. Word got out on Thursday and it's still on the minds of customers in the parking lot.

Robert Curiel, who lives in Hanford, said, "I think that's kind of sick, perverted, why would they do that?"

Marci Durkin, a Target shopper, answered, "Just a lowlife, sick person, who probably needs to seek some kind of help."

Police say the camera was in a family restroom, streaming live video from the ground -- concealed beneath toilet paper.

"When an employee came in, they noticed the toilet paper on the ground," Hanford Police Capt. Carl Anderson said, "and they could see the camera underneath it."

Anderson says the camera was designed for home security, and the video can be monitored from 450 feet away, "I'm assuming that's gonna be clear line of sight."

The person who was using the camera could have been inside the store or close by, somewhere outside. He or she didn't stick around to get caught, but Target's surveillance cameras may have captured something.

Anderson said, "We have an idea of who it may be. There was someone in there who they felt was a little bit suspicious."

Investigators say there are no victims and the camera wasn't in the restroom very long, based on the store's schedule. Employees check the restrooms every hour to clean and make sure customers are safe. Still, some remain worried.

Leah Griffin, a Target shopper, said, "It makes me want to look around first, check that everything is safe, and make sure there's no one spying on us."
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