Fresno business building tiny houses

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- You often hear the saying 'bigger is better' but when it comes to houses that may not be necessarily true. A tiny movement is growing around the world and here in the Valley.

It's not a log cabin, but a home on four wheels. Welcome to the tiny house movement, a home in a small space that can go almost anywhere.

Nick Mosley with California Tiny House said, "I love the fact that they're small. The carbon footprint is small. They're easy to heat and cool and they're just really cool looking."

Mosley and his family have worked for years in construction and now want to create these tiny homes for the world.

"When people first see this thing," said Mosley. "You see them on TV they don't look as big as they actually are or when you go inside. So when they see it their mouths are open."

So we took a look inside this 225-square-foot model called the Sequoia. With a high end kitchen, closet and of course a bathroom, which also includes a composting toilet. And upstairs is the sleeping loft, but Mosley says they can build your bed at any level.

"Our 20 foot ones have actual real staircases in them," said Mosley. "So a lot easier for people to get up and we have downstairs sleeping options. We have a raised kitchen floor with a queen sized bed that pulls out."

So what makes this tiny house different than other mobile options?

Mosley explained, "This thing is insulated like a typical house you live in everyday. So not like an RV that has very little insulation."

He says it can be heated or cooled in as little as five minutes. As far as the price tag, the average home will cost you anywhere from $30,000 to $60,000.

"It's not for everyone," said Mosley. "Some people still want their big houses, but even those people can use it as a guests house on their property, as a vacation home at the mountains or at the beach."

Another perk of small living spending more time outside enjoying the simple things in life.

Although these houses seem tiny, they're actually helping many people live large. California Tiny Houses say they're excited for the tiny house movement around the world.

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