February storms soak California with 18 trillion gallons of water

SAN FRANCISCO -- Rain, rain and more rain! If you are wondering how much rain we've received this month, you may find the answer startling.
Eighteen trillion gallons of water has fallen in California in February, according to the National Weather Service. And the month isn't over yet.

"Let me put this into perspective, "said ABC7 News Meteorologist Mike Nicco. "Eighteen trillion gallons of water is equivalent to 27 million Olympic-sized pools or 45 percent the total volume of Lake Tahoe."

Do you want to be even more impressed?

"If you weighed all that water it would come out to 150 trillion pounds of water. That's a lot of weight," said Nicco.

Enjoy the sunshine Monday and Tuesday.

There's more rain expected to come to the Valley on Wednesday.

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