Clovis native's photography featured in National Geographic, taking her abroad

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Clovis graduate's quest for travel is taking her photography to an international level.

Bright, colorful images caught the eye of editors at news magazine, National Geographic.

Buchanan graduate Jennifer Emerling took the photos on a trip to Palm Springs and never imaged the snapshots could land her in the magazine and a category for the best pictures of the year.

"It's thrilling to see my work in print. I think it's so cool. It's kind of how I came to understand what photography was when I was young. I used to page through National Geographic in high school," Emerling said.

For Emerling, it's a full-circle experience. The Valley native has a unique storytelling style, showcasing the American West.

The style has captured the attention of national publications and even the New York Times.

"I get a thrill walking in other people's shoes for a little bit and seeing how they live in other parts of the world," Emerling said.

She's been inspired by traveling in our backyard, and she credits her dad for her wanderlust.

"What we have in our national park system is pretty unique. My dad was the first person to expose me to that and sort of evangelize my brother and I," Emerling said. "For me, I just want to pay that forward and evangelize other people to see the beauty I see."

Her next project will take her to Japan. She's working on an art show that would be a love letter to the Central Valley.

" I kind of want to take everything I've learned out in the field and abroad and bring it back to the community I grew up in and give back and find a way to cultivate and be a part of the art community here which is thriving and is really inspiring as well," Emerling said.

She's a Valley-born photographer with a picture-perfect shot.
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