Man gives all Hester Elementary School kids a Christmas present

FARMERSVILLE, Calif. (KFSN) -- Christmas cheer was brought into a school Thursday. It was the first stop for a new campaign to make sure all kids get something for Christmas.

The students weren't sure why they were being brought to the lunchroom late Thursday afternoon, but they didn't have to wait long to learn it was something good.

Bruce Busby, with Farmer's Insurance in Visalia, has brought them a surprise-- each child is getting a Jingle Jug filled with toys, a coloring book, crayons, and candy. Each jug put together by Colleen Busby and her friends from Mt. Whitney. "These were just the most gracious kids I've ever met in my entire life, they all said thank you, they were smiling bright," said Colleen.

The idea was all put together in a matter of days. Thousands of toys were given to Farmer's Insurance this week-- another donor-- Rollin George donated the jugs. "They are so appreciative, some of these kids might not have presents under the tree," said Rachel Mendez, principal of J. E. Hester Elementary School.

That's why this group pushed so hard to make sure that at least this year these kids at J.E. Hester Elementary in Farmersville won't go without. They'll stop by at least one more school to spread even more Christmas cheer. "Christmas is just such a good time to give and just helps us remember what Christmas is all about," said Colleen.

They're hoping to make this a tradition that goes beyond just Christmas time. They're hoping with the communities help they can hand these out all year long.
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