Kingsburg's historic 'Shady Lane' getting a makeover

KINGSBURG, Calif. (KFSN) -- Mark Jones is walking his dog Rio down his street, 21st Avenue in Kingsburg, better known as "Shady Lane," for the huge camphor trees that envelope the road. But he needs to watch his step, otherwise, cracks on the sidewalk or raised pavement might trip him.

"Everyone in our family has, at some time or another, hit our shoe on one of these and kind of faltered a little bit."

Over the years cement has proven no match for the roots of century-old trees planted along the historic street. Resulting in uneven sidewalks and matching roads, reminding Jones of home.

"The streets are very much like the streets that we drove on in Nigeria."

Soon it'll be a memory of the past, thanks to a new project which will repave streets, raise sidewalks above roots, trim trees, add curbs and decorative lighting.

At most, the project will cost $800,000.

City Councilmember Stacy Smith says it's a worthwhile cost to preserve Kingsburg's history.

"The trees are part of Kingsburg. The trees are beautiful, if you look at, just the unique nature of how they have grown together and how they intertwine, I can't even consider pulling out any of these trees."

The project is expected to take six weeks to complete and Jones says he can't wait.

"I was so attracted to the trees that I would never suggest to her that we move."

Work is expected to begin before the beginning of summer.
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