Students at Quail Lake got their hands dirty to bring living laboratories to life

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Students at Quail Lake Environmental Charter School took on a new role-- Landscape architect.

The day's lesson for more than 200 students is only step one in a bigger plan to bring living laboratories-- or outdoor classrooms-- to school. The idea is to compliment new science standards.

"Rather than being online, that's certainly a component, but having the students outside experience the real life happenings in the environment is really the goal," said Kim Labosky, principal.

Tree Fresno is teaming up with PG&E and Sanger Unified to plant more than 30 trees on the school's campus.

"Anytime we bring real-life learning into our curriculum, our district is really on board with that," said Labosky.

Once they get the living laboratories started, the goal is to have an outdoor learning space for all subjects.

"I think with conversation, the idea became, hey we can do this with any subject-- all professors can use this," said Dayana Contreras, Tree Fresno.

The idea also drives home the concept of building a better tomorrow for future generations.

"I think it's fun, because if our kids go here we can say, I planted these trees and they'll have fun with them too," said Olivia Elliott, 6th grader.

Elliott and Laurel Machoian said taking the lessons outside of the classroom will keep students engaged.

"When were doing science we can do hands on things with the trees, instead of just, like, looking in books," said Elliott.

"Well it'll be more visual for one thing, and for another we'll be able to do it more ourselves so it'll get kids more interested," said Machoian.

The labs are still in the planning phases but school officials said this brings the opportunity for more hands on learning.
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