Madera Ranchos couple jump into action when robber threatens to kill grocery store manager

MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) -- A shopper's quick thinking caught on camera.

Moments after the suspect threatened to kill the State Foods Supermarket manager, Amy Osbourn says her husband jumped into action and held the suspect at gunpoint.

"Somebody had to help them," she said. "Nobody else was around that was prepared. We were prepared."

Madera Sheriff's deputies arrested 31-year-old Fresno resident Nathaniel Chappell on Monday.

Manager Sam Saleh says he noticed the suspect parked near the back of the store when he arrived.

Later, the suspect was seen on surveillance walking around the store.

Saleh said Chappell then tried to shoplift, passed the couple on the way out and he ran after the suspect.

"He said stop, don't come closer...I've got a gun and a knife and I will shoot you right now," Saleh said.

Osbourn and her husband, who she says is a veteran, heard the threat and that's when he grabbed his weapon.

"We don't play around in the country," she said. "And we don't want this out here in our community."

Deputies arrived within minutes.

They didn't find a gun on the suspect but said his car was reported stolen out of Fresno that same day.

Based on what they could see, deputies believe there may have also been a knife in the car.

Saleh is just thankful Osbourn and her husband were nearby.

"You never expect something like that...usually people back up when they see something like this ...this guy didn't," he said. "He said I'm going to stop it, and he did."

"Everyone's thanking us, and calling us heroes...everyone's appreciative," Osbourn said.

Saleh says he ordered a new camera system. He plans to have those installed within the next week or two.

Chappell is facing strong-armed robbery charges, along with theft of a vehicle.
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