Man dies after driver of SUV crashes into his Madera apartment

MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) -- A deadly accident took place in the parking lot of the Country Club Village Apartments in Madera Sunday morning.

It is where police say one tenant in the complex was trying to park his Land Rover, but accidentally stepped on the gas instead of his brake, and drove right through the bedroom wall of another tenant's unit.

Officers say the man inside died from his injuries.

Neighbor, Erwin Bautista said, "A car crashed into here and the only thing I saw when the police came, fire trucks, and the hospital people they took the man and he was bleeding from the head."

Police say the man inside was asleep in his bedroom when it happened and the driver did what he could to try saving him by trying to lift his car off the victim with other bystanders before first responders got there.

"We noticed that there was a Hispanic male underneath one of the tires so we tried to render aid so with the help of emergency medical aid we were able to lift the truck and then pull the male out from underneath the truck," said Sgt. Shawn Bushey.

Officers say the man killed lived in the apartment with his wife and kids but fortunately, his family was not home when it happened.

Bushey said, "We just ask that people be cautious and be aware of their driving especially when they're parking or leaving parking stalls at all times."
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