Mariposa County residents reel in from weekend floods, brace for next storm

MARIPOSA COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- Driveways turned to waterfalls and rivers.

A downpour over the weekend caused parts of Mariposa County to flood, and now residents are having to prepare for another round of rain.

"We were standing at the bedroom window and all of a sudden, it was like a tsunami coming at you," said Iwrin Iida.

Iida took impressive video from his home in Lush Meadows on Saturday, saying it only took minutes for a nearby creek to flood, and send water rushing down the hill.

"It's a helpless feeling because everything is getting washed away," he said.

Neighbors like Pamela Martinez-Darcy and her family saw the impressive sight from their home, "When they say flash flood. It was a flash flood. There was no warning."

"We had floods next to the house, floods in front of the house. We were all surrounded and what not," said Jesse Martinez-Darcy.

A flash flood watch is in effect for the Mariposa County foothills until Thursday morning, and it could also mean mudslides along areas, like the Ferguson Fire burn scar.

Mike Healy with Public Works says crews are doing their usual storm maintenance to prepare while looking into some storm damage near Triangle Road.

"We're doing an assessment right now and its pointing toward an attempt to be added to the state disaster declaration just as other neighboring counties have been with isolated flooding," he said.

Iiwn Iida is doing what he can to protect his home by placing a plastic covering to prevent water from seeping inside.

All he says he can really do is hope for the best, "Nobody got hurt we still have our two dogs and cats. We're in good shape."

Caltrans says, at this time, Highway 140 will remain open and don't have any plans to close it.

That could change depending on what this storm brings to the area.
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