Crews talk about rescue of missing hiker in Sierra National Forest

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Fresno County Sheriff's Office has released new video of the moment a missing hiker was rescued in a remote area of the county.

Miyuki Harwood spent nine days alone in the Sierra National Forest. Several agencies joined forces to search for the 62-year-old, and crews finally found her Saturday morning.

Harwood was flown to Community Regional Medical Center in Downtown Fresno with mild hypothermia and broken bones, but authorities say she is recovering from her injuries. Some of her rescuers just returned from the wilderness on Sunday.

Miyuki Harwood, 62, was found alive, but injured, east of Courtright Reservoir after she had been missing for nine days.

Deputy Chief Jason Vinogradoff says Harwood heard the voices of Marin County deputies and blew her whistle. He was right behind them when they found her.

"It's almost disbelief because as the days go by you almost think I'm not sure how anybody can survive this. But it was a breath of fresh air when you hear her voice and actually see her alive," said Vinogradoff.

Vinogradoff says this is the longest his search and rescue crew has gone and successfully found someone in recent memory.

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