Families affected by fatal DUI crash in Northeast Fresno receiving help

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Family members of victims hurt and killed in a drunk driving crash in Northeast Fresno are starting to raise money for their loved ones.

One week ago Saturday, police say Hector Castillo-Pichardo, 23, ran a red light while drunk and smashed into another car. Molly Griffin, 23, and Oscar Felix Vega, 32, both died in that crash on Friant Road near Copper River Drive.

Emily Krieghoff, 23, and her best friend Molly Griffin were always side by side. They both planned to pursue careers in nursing, and they both wanted to help others. Those dreams were cut short last Saturday when police say Castillo-Pichardo smashed into Griffin's car. She died at the scene, and Krieghoff was critically injured.

"She is still in the ICU and stable, but her road to a full recovery is still a long, long ways away," said Krieghoff's cousin Curtis Divona.

The night of the tragic accident, Kreighoff was beside Griffin one last time. But unfortunately, Krieghoff doesn't know that yet.

"Then she will have to go through the ultimate grieving process when she can understand and learn of the loss of her best friend Molly, which she still does not know," said Divona.

Krieghoff's family is asking for donations for her road to recovery. On the other side of town, another grieving family is doing the same. Felix Vega was a passenger in the suspect's car during the crash and also died. He leaves behind three children and a wife. A taco and bake sale was held in his honor and for his family's future. Strangers who heard of the accident stopped by the Saturday fundraiser.

"I wish them the best, and I feel really bad. You know it's dangerous out there driving on the roads at night," said Lorrie Rohrbron of Fresno.

Castillo-Pichardo also had another passenger in his car -- Jose Flores -- who was injured in the accident. The suspect remains in custody for several charges including vehicular manslaughter.

Emily Krieghoff
YouCaring.com - Help Emily Krieghoff make a full recovery

Molly Taylor Griffin
Donate to the Molly Taylor Griffin Nursing Scholarship at Fresno State

Fresno State Foundation
2345 E. San Ramon, M/S MH26
Fresno, CA 93740.

Scholarship Fund
Mark "Other" and enter "Molly Taylor Griffin Scholarship."

Oscar Felix Vega
Car wash for Oscar Felix Vega's family
Sunday, March 1
10 a.m.
5051 Shaw Avenue, Fresno

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