Family says driver of charter bus that crashed near Livingston is a very 'responsible' driver

LOS ANGELES (KFSN) -- We're learning more about the charter bus driver who was severely injured in a charter bus crash on northbound Highway 99 near Livingston.

Mario Vasquez, 57, of Los Angeles was described by family members as very responsible. But a criminal background check conducted by our sister station KABC in Los Angeles showed Vasquez was cited last year and later convicted for driving with a suspended license.

Family members said Vasquez loved his job driving for Autobuses Coordinados USA. News of the Merced County bus crash left relatives emotionally shaken.

"I knew something was wrong when he didn't come back in the morning. He didn't wake me up. I knew," said Denise Menjivar, bus drivers grand daughter.

Menjivar, 13, said Vasquez was more like a father to her. She recalled a previous accident he was involved in which took place on an icy road.

"One time he crashed already, but it wasn't very big. He told me was very careful because he wanted to come home and see us."

Relatives said Vasquez sometimes worked seven days a week, but was always with a second driver to make sure he could get some rest during trips. His daughter Mariana Peralta said her father was very responsible and did not drink alcohol or use drugs.
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