Fresno third graders hold Soup-er Bowl for charity

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A third-grade class is learning first-hand that teamwork and a good idea, and can make all the difference.

In Kirsten Lee's third grade classroom, it's game day.

The referees are tallying the scores as teams anxiously await a big announcement. The idea started here when these young players told their coach they wanted to help the community. The Soup-er Bowl Canned Food Drive was born, with all the winnings being donated it all to the needy.

I'm always telling them, kids can change the world," teacher Kirsten Lee said. "And now they have evidence that they can make an impact."

They challenged other classrooms to step up to the plate and beat their goal of 1,000 cans. "1,388," Lee exclaimed.

But the bigger purpose is to help the lives of those who don't always have a home-field advantage. "The kids are going to help load the truck," Lee said. "Talk to the people that work there and understand a little more where their donations are going."

"The best part is that we're going to donate and knowing that they're going to have food," 3rd grader Nicole Pinto said.

It wouldn't be a Soup-er Bowl without rings and trophies after a season of hard work. But here, all the players learned how to give so everyone is a winner.
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