Mike's Grill in Northeast Fresno remains opens despite fire

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A barbecue place in Northeast Fresno is back open for business despite an electrical fire Saturday morning.

The Fresno Fire Department got a call a little after 8 a.m. that Mike's Grill on Cedar and Palo Alto avenues was on fire. Crews were confused when they arrived because there are two parts to the business -- one is a barbecue stand and the other is a business in the strip mall.

The brick and mortar business is where an employee found smoke and sparks coming from an electrical panel. Fire investigators say an unlikely water source helped keep the fire from getting any bigger.

Battalion Chief Rich Cabral said, "While the sprinkler system did not activate, one of the things that was really interesting about this fire is that there was a water heater directly above where this fire was. The water line was breached, and so water came down and actually acted like a sprinkler head and kept the fire in check. And I think that just goes to show what a sprinkler head or other type of fire protection system can do in preventing fire from spreading."

Fire investigators do not have a dollar amount for the damage, but they say it is significant because it involves the water line and electrical wiring. Mike's Grill was open for business on Saturday despite the damage.

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