Ontario station mistakenly pumps diesel instead of gas; damages multiple cars

ONTARIO, Calif. -- It was a horrible mix-up for some drivers in Ontario as a service station pumped diesel fuel instead of gasoline, which caused multiple cars to be damaged.

Customer John Espinosa and others unknowingly filled up on diesel instead of gasoline Thursday morning after the station's manager said their supplier accidentally delivered and filled the station's underground tanks with the wrong fuel.

"When I tried to pull out of the gas station it started sputtering immediately as soon as I started the motor. It felt like water in the tank but it wasn't water unfortunately," Espinosa said.

From 5 a.m. until 3 p.m., the problem went undetected, and on Friday, nearly 200 gallons of fuel had to be siphoned.

The tanks were scrubbed and a compliance company called to install new filters.

Meanwhile, customers who filled their tanks with diesel started pulling in.

"It's been running differently all morning since last night," said Willie Biddle, a customer. "We got in last night and it wouldn't start."

Frustration quickly turned to relief, however, as the station owner said he was reimbursing customers for a full tank of gas and was paying for repairs.

"It's a mistake," said LaQuisha Mallory of Ontario. "I guess things happen, but they are willing to reimburse us as customers and to keep that business, so I might as well keep coming back..."
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