Poor air quality expected as Valley kids return to school

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Air quality is going to be a concern this week as many kids head back to school. The Valley Air District issued a red flag day on Sunday due to poor air quality. Stagnant conditions, rising temperatures and fires in the region are to blame. But parents in idling cars could add to the problem.

Heather Heinks of the Valley Air District said, "Time it so that you're not spending as much time in front of that school. Find a way to shut your car off and not produce unnecessary emissions that contribute to overall Valley air quality and are going to be breathed by the children that come out of those schools and into your vehicle."

The Valley Air District says poor air quality can trigger asthma attacks and cause long-term respiratory problems. Staff members recommend staying indoors when possible and doing any outdoor activities in the morning or after the sun goes down.
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