Power tools stolen from Marjaree Mason Center in Downtown Fresno

The Marjaree Mason Center is asking for help after thieves stole $7,000 worth of equipment.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A local non-profit that helps victims of domestic violence is now a victim itself. The Marjaree Mason Center of Fresno was burglarized early Sunday morning. The executive director said roughly $7,000 of equipment was taken in an overnight burglary.

"Here we are a non-profit, helping people in our community and people are robbing from us. It's just a terrible thing that anyone would do," said Genelle Taylor Kumpe, Marjaree Mason Center Executive Director.

Kumpe says their security cameras caught two suspects cutting a hole through their back fence. "They entered and cut the padlock on our maintenance shed and totally took everything we had as far as power tools and assorted hand tools."

Kumpe says earlier this week they had a similar break in through the fence where two bicycles were stolen from their parking lot. She speculates the thieves may have scoped the area out and returned Sunday morning. All of the tools in the shed are vital to their daily operation of serving women and children. "There's a lot of kids in our facilities. There's tons of children. Sometimes they get a little rambunctious things get broken. There's just general upkeep that we have to deal with."

The center has three safe houses in Fresno County that offers shelter to roughly 1,100 women and children every year who are affected by domestic violence. Starting at 8:30 on Monday, they are accepting donations at their administration building in Downtown Fresno. They are accepting gently used tools or monetary donations.

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