Showing Valley children it's cool to conserve water

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- From the food we eat to the simple act of turning on the faucet, water is a part of our daily lives.

Water is an important resource in the Valley and these kids are getting a better understanding of water at the 9th Annual City of Fresno Kids Camp.

While they are learning about conserving water, many were already aware of the ongoing drought.

Valentino Lee was one of the eight and nine year olds, who attended the free camp. Organizers say water awareness can start at any age.

Nora Laikam Fresno Water Conservation Supervisor said, "It's important to explain why we need to save water, where it comes from. We give that base knowledge and then we show kids fun ways to save water, like how to take a fast shower."

The camp included several hands on stations for the kids from Aqua-Ka-Dabra to food.

The farm bureau showed kids the role water plays in making their favorite treats. But through each station kids say, they plan to start conserving more and even get their families to help too.

Adison Barrett explained, "I am going to put up a sign to turn off the water and not leave it on."

Valentino Lee added, "Whenever I brush my teeth and I don't need to use the water I turn off the faucet."

Organizers hope these kids will learn that conserving water -- whether it's big or small, can make a difference, especially in this drought.

At the end of camp, each kid was made an official "Water Watcher" and encouraged to take home what they learned.

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