Orosi father and son arrested on assault, drug, child endangerment charges

OROSI, Calif. (KFSN) -- Tulare County authorities say a man was picking oranges just outside of Orosi Saturday morning when two men showed up and started assaulting him.

"(They) had problems in the past with each other and I think it was a crime of opportunity," said Lt. Gabe Macias.

Macias says one of the men tried to stab the victim with a knife, while the other man threatened the victim with a gun.

The suspects, identified as 23-year-old Jorge Barragan and 53-year-old Elodio Barragan, are father and son.

Deputies learned where they lived, just down the road. They found the father there and detained him.

"(The) firearm was still outstanding so our sergeant wrote a search warrant for the house and we located numerous firearms and assault rifles along with a large amount of marijuana that was processed, and

Deputies found 200 pounds of marijuana, to be exact, and at least a handful of firearms, including assault rifles and the handgun that was pulled on the victim.

Authorities say a loaded gun was also found in an area where a child who lives on the property sleeps.

Lt. Macias says it's a good thing that those guns are now off the streets.

"Especially when they have a propensity for violence, threatening somebody, we don't know where that may lead to if it escalates," he said.

Deputies eventually found Jorge Barragan.

Both he and his father were booked at the pre-trial facility, but have since bailed out.
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