Police: deadly NW Fresno shooting was 'justifiable homicide' during a robbery gone wrong

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A northwest Fresno shooting that ended in the death of a man last month started as a drug robbery, Fresno Police said.

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According to police, the man who died, Brandyn Harris, was also one of the shooters in the incident. Police will not be pressing charges against the man in the other car who shot Harris. Detectives have ruled the incident a 'justifiable homicide'.

The incident occurred in the parking lot of the San Joaquin River overlook off Milburn near Alluvial on February 17.

26-year-old Harris was shot several times in the upper body after he and two friends tried to rob two men in another car during a drug exchange, police said.

According to police, Harris fired at a man in the other car, wounding him.

One of the occupants of the other car then fired at Harris and killed him.

Police said they are looking into possible charges against the two other men in Harris' car.

They say the men in the other car cooperated with police, and one of them who was shot and wounded by Harris, received medical help a few days later.
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