California's new Attorney General visits South Valley to talk immigration

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KFSN) -- Newly appointed California Attorney General Xavier Becerra continued his Valley tour Tuesday, stopping in Bakersfield to meet with city leaders there one day after visiting Fresno.

Among the topics on Becerra's agenda was President Trump's immigration and refugee executive actions and other issues impacting Valley immigrant communities.

"As important as LA is, as important as San Francisco is or Sacramento or San Diego, some very important things happen here in the Valley and I want people in the Valley to know that the Attorney General has their back."

Standing in front of the United Farm Workers Foundation building the Attorney General said the laws of California will continue to be enforced to protect everyone living in the state despite any anti-immigrant measures carried out by the Trump administration.

"Donald Trump said a whole bunch of things as a candidate; he's continued to say them now as President. He's entitled to say what he wishes because I would defend his rights under the first amendment but that doesn't mean his rhetoric is going to drive how we enforce the laws in the state of California."

The son of farm workers himself, the Attorney General took time to meet with farm workers privately during his first Valley visit since being appointed by governor brown last month.

"It's important to understand that at the highest levels of government there are individuals who understand the importance of immigrant workers and what their contributions are and can speak to that," said Diana Tellefson-Torres, UFW Executive Director.

The Attorney General also met with Valley law enforcement officials during his visit as he looks to strengthen those relationships up and down the state.
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