Fresno County Sheriff among California leaders set to meet with President Trump

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Several California leaders are set to meet with President Trump in Washington-- including Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims.

One of the main discussions on the table-- California's sanctuary state status. This limits local and state law enforcement cooperation with immigration authorities.

In the past, Sheriff Mims has expressed her support of ICE agents in the Fresno County Jail, saying she needs their help to deal with certain dangerous inmates. This is her second time meeting with President Trump.

So far at least 35 local jurisdictions have come out against the California legislation that went into effect at the beginning of the year. It's a series of three laws that state officials said are in place to protect immigrants. Meantime, the Trump administration maintains they over-step-- violating the US Constitution and a lawsuit has been filed.

Tuesday night, Hanford voted unanimously to become the latest city to break from the state's sanctuary law and support the federal lawsuit against it. Unlike ordinances, other Southern Californian communities have passed this resolution only opposes but does not openly defy state laws.

Hanford Council Member Martin Devine said, "We have cartels active here, we have other criminals organizations active here with criminal aliens in this country."

However, not everyone was on board with the decision.

Hanford resident Ella Wheatley said, "When people think of immigrants, they think of this demon that's going to try and hurt them, but really we just want to find better lives for ourselves."

City council members said in addition to public safety concerns, they also wanted to send a message to the state capitol that they overstepped their bounds when passing these laws.

Back in March, the Trump administration filed that lawsuit against California because of these laws. That action is now in the court system and a timeframe for a possible resolution is not known.

Sheriff Mims is expected to meet with President Trump this afternoon.
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