New orthopedic urgent care opens in northeast Fresno

Saturday, September 7, 2019
New orthopedic urgent care opens in northeast Fresno
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Sierra Pacific Orthopedics is a new urgent care facility working to help high school athletes get back on the field faster.

FRESNO, Calif. -- An orthopedic urgent care is helping people in Fresno dealing with a sports injury or broken bone.

At Sierra Pacific Orthopedics in northeast Fresno, Doctor Robert Gousse is checking back in with high school football player Bradley Senneway.

Recently, Senneway was tackled a little too hard.

"I saw him during the game go down on one knee and I thought oh no," said Bradley's mother Joylene Senneway.

Joylene knew he was recently dealing with bruised ribs, but wasn't sure how serious it was.

"It was not as bad during the game because of all the adrenaline but after the game, it was tough to move," said Bradley.

Bradley got a chance to talk with Dr. Gousse who suggested a visit to new orthopedic urgent care clinic, the next day.

Dr. Gousse says those dealing with everything from sports injuries or bone and joint pain often find themselves waiting to get specialized care.

"Or go to an urgent care or the emergency room, who may see them quickly but then send them to an orthopedist in the future. This eliminated that middle man and allowed them to be seen and treated for the injury or the aches and pains that they're having," said Dr. Grousse.

He says this can help people get relief.

It's been open for about a month.

So far, dozens have taken advantage of the service.

A growing number of clients are those dealing with athletic injuries.

As for the Senneway family, they were happy to get care quickly.

"We came in, got checked in, they did x-rays, we were able to see a doctor who looked at the x-rays. We knew there was no break, no fracture that would've punctured his lung. Everything was fine, he just ended up bruising his ribs," said Joylene.

Thankfully, the injury didn't sideline Bradley and he hopes he can stay healthy and keep winning games this season.

The urgent care is open Monday through Friday during business hours for those hurt during Friday night's game, they're open Saturdays from 9 a.m.-12p.m.