REPORT: Skydiver dead after accident in Lodi

LODI, Calif. -- There are reports of a skydiver dying in Lodi. It happened at the Lodi Parachute Center sometime Sunday afternoon.

The woman was killed when her parachute failed to properly deploy during a jump. She was using her own parachuting equipment.

The FAA will investigate the incident. The agency's skydiving accident investigations typically are limited to determining whether the parachute was properly packed by the appropriate person.

You can find the FAA's parachuting regulations here.

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It is the latest in a string of fatalities connected with the business-- the most recent in 2016 when a 25-year-old instructor and 18-year-old customer died when a parachute failed to open.

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An employee there told ABC7 News the center will release more information Monday morning.