Slow-speed chase suspect in custody after standoff with Palmdale deputies

PALMDALE, Calif. -- A suspected DUI driver led deputies on a bizarre chase that turned into a standoff in the Palmdale area Friday afternoon.

The driver traveled at slow speeds in a sedan with torn tires and a broken bumper.

The pursuit started at about 2:48 p.m. near Terra Subida Avenue and Avenue S in Palmdale. Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies believe he is a reckless DUI suspect., according to LASD Sgt. Benjamin Grubb.

Grubb said spike strips were used at some point during the chase, which led to the tires getting blown out.

The driver appeared to lose traction on a dirt road, while being closely followed by several patrol vehicles.

He eventually came to a stop, and authorities exited their vehicles with weapons drawn.

The driver tried to again drive away from sheriff's deputies, but was unable with three flat tires The suspect remained inside the vehicle and appeared to be talking to deputies through the driver side window.

Deputies at one point fired what appeared to be less-than-lethal pellet rounds at the DUI suspect, but the driver seemed unfazed by the activity.

Officials in an armored vehicle eventually approached the car, where the suspect had his hands out. He was then taken into custody without incident.
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