Southern California preschool staffer posted Snapchat of 2-year-old's exposed buttocks

VALENCIA, Calif. -- A Valencia preschool is coming under fire after an employee posted video on social media showing a 2-year-old girl's exposed buttocks area.

An attorney representing the girl's family says it happened at the Sunshine Learning Center on Wiley Canyon Road last August.

"The teacher took a naked picture of the buttocks of this little girl while she was sleeping, posted it on Snapchat and then she put a caption on there saying 'This girl is ready for a three-day weekend,'" said attorney Brian Claypool.

Claypool says another employee at the preschool reported the video to a senior administrator at Sunshine Learning, but claims the administrator initially tried to bury the incident.

"He told the reporting teacher 'Let's keep it confidential,'" Claypool said.

A spokesperson for Sunshine Learning Centers says the employee who posted the video was fired and girl's parents were notified.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department investigated the case and referred it to the District Attorney's Office in October. It remains under review.

Claypool says the District Attorney's office is sending a dangerous message by not acting.

"If you want to be a pervert and go take naked pictures of a body part of a little kid and post it on social media, all you have to do is say 'Oh. I was doing it for fun.'"

The girl's mother says her now three-year-old daughter has had a hard time dealing with the incident and recently told her therapist that there was inappropriate touching involved as well.

"She's not the same little girl," said the mother. "We've done extensive therapy, her and I, to overcome what has happened, but the fact of the matter is nobody cares."

The District Attorney's office says the case is currently under review.

The parents have filed a civil lawsuit against Sunshine Learning Centers.
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