Fresno LGBT advocate has been invited to bring his work to the White House

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Justin Kamimoto is gearing up for the trip of a lifetime. It may be the Fresno State grads first time in Washington DC, but like most business done at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, he will be a part of history.

The local LGBT advocate was invited to take part in the convening of the White House Rural Council.

"To brainstorm what we can do for LGBT Plus individuals in the rural parts of our nation," said Kamimoto.

The council brings together local community advocates from across the US to streamline and improve the effectiveness of federal programs.

"I'm looking forward to the new ideas, the networking aspect, and what can we bring to our community that people are doing in communities similar to ours. That we can really reinvigorate and establish here in Fresno and adapt it to our needs because there's a lot we can do," said Kamimoto.

Kamimoto also plans to add to that conversation.

"Were not the typical norm of how we do a lot of community programming in the fact that when it happens when we see a need, we're the first to tackle and address those right away."

Kamimoto may not know how he was selected but it is pretty safe to say why.
Five years ago, after moving from the bay area, Kamimoto created My LGBT Plus.

"My LGBT Plus started as a Facebook group 5 years ago and it grew to the point where we needed an organization to showcase the need for more support services."

They started mobile, traveling throughout the Central Valley, Modesto to Bakersfield, to provide resources ranging from program referrals to someone to talk to.

"Now we have a space people can come to and ask and meet us in person," said Kamimoto.

They now reach 114 countries on their digital platform.

Kamimoto's advocacy work does not stop at My LGBT Plus-- his Fresno meal program is now in its 3rd year and expanding. In addition to handing out more than 3,600 meals since it's inception. Fresno meals started their 3rd annual blanket drive for those in need.

And that is not all that is under the tree-- My LGBT Plus started a toy drive for Syrian refugee children who have relocated to Fresno.

"We want to help make their Christmas very special because they're learning a lot of the traditions that we have established here in America," said Kamimoto.
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