Inspiration behind "Adam's Law" faces new challenges

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Fresno boy inspired "Adam's Law," which increased the sentences for those convicted in child abuse cases. As an infant Adam Carbajal was badly beaten by his mother's boyfriend.

More than a decade after he was shaken and thrown against a wall so severely he suffered brain damage, Carbajal is now 11-years-old. The little boy has grown up. Adam weighs 130 pounds. Even has a little mustache.

His grandmother Maria Alvarez-Garcia said, "The sad part is he's a baby. He has no clue what's going on with his body. He still wears a diaper and always will."

Through social media people around the globe have offered support for Adam. Local comedian Tim Kuckenbaker planned a series of clean comedy shows to help the family.

Kuckenbaker said, "We want kids to not only get to know him but get to know the family that's involved as well as the comedians that come in."

Maria has injured her elbow and shoulder while trying to lift Adam. She said he's out-grown the van they use to transport him so they're trying to raise $15,000 for a special needs van.

"He can kind of touch me when I'm driving," said Maria. "He reaches out and pulls my hair and pulls my seatbelt. It's actually kind of dangerous too."

Adam may grow to be the size of his grandfather Alfredo.

Tim got involved because he has a three-month old daughter at home.

Kuckenbaker said, "Knowing that this occurred as a child, as an infant, really takes a toll on me as a father."

Adam's grandmother treats him as normal as possible. She explained, "I know it's heart-breaking and it's sad but you know what, this is our Adam."

Kuckenbaker said the first comedy shows to benefit Adam Carbajal will be held in October.

For more information on Adam Carbajal you can visit his Facebook page:

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