Local designer gaining clients and followers for her Christmas decor

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- It is the most magical time of the year inside interior designer Katie Nisbett's home. Her Christmas tree stands tall to welcome visitors in.

"To see the decorations, it's just fun. It's Christmas"

This year, consumers are spending more than $930 of their hard earned money on Christmas gifts and decorations. In some cases, they are hiring interior designers like Nisbett to bring the spirit to their home.

"They want to have that Christmas look in their home, but then they don't have the energy to do it or they don't want it to look the same, so people have hired me to try to bring a change for Christmas."

Nisbett said prices vary by the home.

Nisbett is a big a hit on Instagram. More than 14,000 people follow her account, which has been shared on Pottery Barn and Kirklands. She believes social media is fueling Christmas purchases.

"Because you see that look on Instagram and you want it. People are trying to create the pictures they're seeing. Everyone so in to decorating for the holidays."

Nisbett shared some design tips from her home. She said the tree is the focal point and from there it's all about layering. She suggests adding greenery to your mantle to bring liven up the holiday.

Another important tip is to take time to set the table.

"Bring out that fine China you always use once a year-- it's Christmas time. Your table is important because you're all going to be together," said Nisbett.

Nisbett encourages people to keep family in mind while decorating and to keep your kids involved.

"To be able to decorate their room do Christmas sheets, do a tree in their room, let them go for the tree, it makes it more magical and fun for the kids and they remember it every year."

A decorating tradition that helps brighten your home and the holidays this season.
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